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05 June 2015 @ 01:31 pm
: the start of everything  

kaisoo. (kai/kyungsoo)


romance, fluff.


warnings: fluff overload and you may die. or you could be coldhearted and not feel a single thing. either way, you die. hahaha, nah. enjoy the story while you’re at it.

notes: based on a chinese essay which was given as a homework, in which I think it’s actually a love story. part of the story is still mine, I guess.


As they stepped into the aquarium which is filled with an aqua blue hue, Kyungsoo’s eyes sparkled with delight. Their hands intertwined, as Jongin led Kyungsoo to his favourite tank, the Lined Butterflyfish. They are back here, in the aquarium where they had their first date. The awkward exchanges, shy glances, constant laughter, they still remember it like yesterday.

“Wow,” No matter how many times Jongin brought Kyungsoo here, Kyungsoo still gaped at the beauty of his favourite fish.

“It’s really beautiful,” Jongin whispered as he stared at the fishes swam to and fro the blue tank.

“You said that every time, Jongin.” Kyungsoo chuckled quietly.

Jongin turned his head around and stared at Kyungsoo instead. Staring at how cutely Kyungsoo tried to tiptoe to get a better view at the fishes, how Kyungsoo’s eyelashes fluttered softly, how his eyes crinkled into an eye smile when he caught Jongin staring at him, Jongin couldn’t help but feel like Kyungsoo’s the one all along.

Thinking about this the whole night, that heart-shaped lips that formed into a wide smile made Jongin sure that he’s going to do it.

“Kyungsoo, can you wait here for a moment? I’m going to go grab a drink,” Jongin asked.

“Yeah, sure.” Kyungsoo smiled again, turning back to the fishes.

After Jongin was out from the sight of Kyungsoo, he ran down the hallway to where the staff makes announcements. Earlier in the morning, he already informed the staff about his plan. Jongin’s palms started to become sweaty when the staff left Jongin in the room.


Kyungsoo got startled when he heard his name through speakers and it sounded exactly like how Jongin would call him.

“Kyungsoo,” He heard deep breaths through the speakers. All the other visitors looked around, searching for the source like fools.

Kyungsoo gasped as he realized that it’s Jongin behind the speakers.

“Life is like an adventure, you always don’t know what to expect, or when will it end. And in life, there are a lot of people are adventurers too, like you, but some of them are just passersby, you just met them once and they just disappear from your life. Some of them though, are your tour guides, whom lead you to the right road, while one of them will be your partner who will be with you through all the colors in life.

Before meeting you, I guess all the people were passersby in my life because I thought my partner won’t ever appear in my life. Then, God blessed me with a chance to meet you. Kyungie, please forgive me if I never showed any affection to you because I always have a hard time in expressing myself. Even though I never say any ‘Thank You’ to you, but everything you’ve done and said, I swear I will remember it by heart.

The start of everything would be when we were young.

I still remember in kindergarten, I would always be the only one sitting in the corner. Now that I think of it, I guess it’s because of the reason that I was only raised by my mother, and I was feeling unloved that built a wall around me. Every time I blanked out in the corner and not wanting to play with the other kids, you would always come running over with that wonderful smile of yours. You would always watch the sky and space out with me.

Sometimes you would talk to me but I wouldn’t care much, always replying with a short answer, because I thought you would eventually go away if I was cold enough to you. But you’re always here, beside me, no matter how much I was annoyed with you. Of course, you would succeed with that pretty smile of yours; you eventually broke down my wall and found my vulnerable self.

Ever since then, you became a part of my life. Your smile, which I believe is the most powerful medicine in the world, is the most beautiful, the most graceful, and the most innocent smile ever.”

Kyungsoo smiled a little while tears starting pooling in his eyes. He was wishing that Jongin is doing exactly what he’s thinking of, but every word Jongin said hit him hard.

“In middle school, I found it shocking that I’m in the same class with you. I believe that you sensed the insecurity that washed over me so you lend out your hand again and sat beside me.

You don’t know how grateful I was, even though I only smiled gently to you.

After three years, we had different classes unfortunately. I was depressed because I thought you would be out of my life from then, but you still visited me every recess and when school ends we would always walk together. That was the happiest time of my life.

You would always tell me: “You look beautiful when you smile, you look happy.” Every time you told me that, my heart would turn into a mess of waves, feeling happy, shy, embarrassed, excited all at once. I started to smile more and I guess a smile could make people come running to you because I got a lot more friends. Every time I smiled to another perso n, you would congratulate me with that cute smile of yours. That smile, was still like the smile that I adored all these years.

Growing up, you were like a mother, a teacher, a true friend to me, yet I still love you romantically. Remember our first date? Yes, it was in this very aquarium because I know you love fishes, especially Lined Butterflyfish. Kyungsoo, as much as you love Lined Butterflyfish, I love you much more than that. All the laughter we shared, all the hardships we went through, all the times when either of us cried and the other would run over to his house to be with him, these are all precious memories to me, and of course you are the most precious person to me.

So, Do Kyungsoo, will you marry me?”

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