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18 May 2015 @ 07:04 pm
: cry again  
drabbles; inspiration, cry again by davichi


It's a silent night until muffled tears were heard again. Chaewon woke up groggily, frowning while attempting to rush over to her younger sister’s room.

She walked over and gently hugged Chaeyoung’s head in her embrace. “Shh, sleep okay?” Chaewon cradled her sister’s head with care as she shushed her down.

Chaeyoung is crying in her sleep again and it’s already a week after her awful break-up. Sniffles, sobs and even tearful screams were filled within the week and Chaewon turned from sad to pity and to complete rage. She thought the man that Chaeyoung was seeing was treating her well, until he went breaking her heart. Turns out he was cheating on Chaeyoung.

“U-unnie,” Chaeyoung woke up, her face filled with tear streaks. “What time is it?”

“It’s midnight, you should go to sleep.” Chaewon lovingly caressed Chaeyoung’s hair. Ever since their mother passed away, Chaewon has always been a mother figure to Chaeyoung.

“Unnie, I still love him,” Chaeyoung’s tears threatened to fall again.

“Of course you do,” Chaewon sighed as she made Chaeyoung face her.

“Young-ah, you’re crying again when I told you not to. It’s been a week, aren’t you tired? Look at your poor eyes, you shouldn’t even cry for that bastard,” Chaeyoung scolded.

“D-Don’t call him that,” Chaeyoung pushed away Chaewon and turned away from her.

Chaewon can only shake her head at her sister. She can never understand what a break-up would be like, since she has no dating experience ever, but seeing how it hurts, she never wanted to be in a relationship.

“Unnie, my heart hurts. A lot. They are filled with scars and I’m scared. I really don’t want to cry but I can’t help it,” Chaeyoung’s voice broke a few times and out comes a few sobs.

Just then, the phone rang. Chaeyoung raced to pick up the phone, but Chaewon snatched it over.

“No,” Chaewon hid the phone behind her back, “You’re not picking up his phone again.” Yesterday, that bastard called saying he wanted Chaeyoung back. Chaeyoung would happily do so but Chaewon warned him about it and even gave Chaeyoung a lecture.

“Please, unnie, please. I really love him, sincerely.” Chaeyoung screamed and cried.

Chaewon answered the phone to hear he velvety voice of his.

“You bastard, stop calling! I thought I made it clear that I don’t want my sister to have anything to do with you anymore!” Chaewon shouted over the phone.

“Unnie please,” Chaeyoung reached over for the phone feebly, tears still streaming down her face.

Chaewon hung up the phone furiously, anger rising up more than ever.

“Stop it, Chaeyoung; I’m tired of both of your games. Stop crying over him! If you loved him so much, why didn’t you say anything when he’s breaking up with you? Why can’t you tell him the exact words you just told me? That you loved him sincerely?”

“I’ll tell you what Chaeyoung, your love isn’t going to change him, and he’s just going to be an ugly bastard who plays around forever. Just stop okay?” Chaewon sighed, as her own tears fall. It hurts just as much to see her beloved sister so hurt over a man.

Chaeyoung quieted down as she sees her own sister’s tears falling for the first time in this week. She never sees her sister crying easily, and when she finally sees it, she realized how hurt Chaewon is.

“Unnie I-“She climbed up and wiped away her sister’s tears gently.

“Please, just try to heal and forget him.” Chaewon pleaded.

“I’ll try, unnie, I’ll try. Just don’t cry.” Chaeyoung hugged her sister tightly while tears streamed down both their faces.

a/n: i'm so embarassed by this drabble, tbh. it's messy and it's fics of two oc and it's really unorganised, so don't mind me.

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