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18 May 2015 @ 07:10 pm
: star-crossed lovers  
star-crossed lovers
hunhan, sehun & luhan
angst, breakup,

is it that the stars changed its position already? because you don't love me anymore

‘The stars seem duller without Luhan’s companion tonight,’ Sehun thought. Luhan used to point at the stars and tell Sehun made-up stories of the stars.

Sehun will always nod absentmindedly, listening to Luhan’s every word, concentrating on his favorite voice, but tonight, Sehun struggled to grasp Luhan’s voice that sounds like a melody that calms him down no matter how destructive he feels.

His voice that sounds soft and light as the wind wanders around Sehun’s mind even after days. There’s wind tonight, lightly calming the meadow and Sehun, but the absence of Luhan made Sehun frustrated than ever.

His frustration brought him back to the time when disaster strikes. There, Sehun was crying and pulling on Luhan’s shirt, like he was hanging on dear life, begging Luhan not to leave.

This heartbreaking scene tugged the strings of Luhan’s heart, but he can’t stop after he blurted out the heart wrenching words: “Sehun, let’s break up.”

Luhan pulled on Sehun hands feebly, half of him wants to peel Sehun off him and go back to the comfort zone of dull life, while the other half wanted to stay with Sehun a little longer, even if it’s a few seconds.

He himself is hurting but he has to do this because he is afraid. He is afraid of what the future will be like if he go against his family and stay with Sehun. He can’t do that, if you ask him who does he love more, he will answer that he loves his family more, no doubt.

He’s sad and angry but he thought that time can heal his burning heart, or so he thought. Sehun slowly crept into his life from the day they met and since then, Sehun is a part of his life.

They do everything together, they spend their time in university together, they spend their free time together, and they even live together. Getting Sehun out from Luhan’s life is easier said than done; it’s like getting an organ out from your body and the bleeding won’t stop.

Luhan was afraid, but he still left Sehun crying by the door, shouting Luhan’s name repeatedly. Even hearing the shouts of his name that burned and scarred his heart, he ran out of Sehun’s place with his heavy breaths and a wildly thumping heart.


Sehun is one that forgets bad memories quickly but the memories of that night kept coming back. He couldn’t help but to think of him every single moment.

Sehun thought that time could heal his heart but he was wrong. He found himself walking to Luhan’s house one day, sighing heavily because he can’t find the courage to ring the bell.

When he turned around, there was his only one standing before him. Sehun widened his eyes and when he opened his mouth, no words could be said.

“Sehun? Why are you here?” Luhan soft voice trembled a little.

“I-“ Sehun closed his eyes and pinched his nose bridge. “I need to know why you broke up with me.” Sehun folded his arms.

“Sehun…” Luhan reached for Sehun’s hand but Sehun jerked away.

“Just tell me honestly.” Sehun growled. He doesn’t know that he was angry; he only knows that he suffered a lot during this time.

“My family isn’t happy about us and I didn’t want to disappoint them.” Luhan looked down and sighed.

“You said that love can overcome anything! You said that we stand as one, whatever that may come! You promised to love me!” Sehun shouted.

“Sehun, I can only say I’m sorry. I’m sorry I made empty promises and I’m sorry that all I’ve told you were lies.” A tear escaped from the corner of Luhan’s eye.

“No, I don’t want your apologies, I just want you back.” Sehun said quietly.

“Sehun, please understand this. I don’t want our lives to be filled with hardships; I don’t want us to be star-crossed lovers.” Luhan looked into Sehun’s eyes, wanting to deliver the message.

“Luhan, I went to the meadow every night after you left. Remember when you told me that the stars never seemed to change its place like your love for me? I look at the stars for hours and I found an answer. Is it that the stars have changed its position already? Cause’ you don’t love me anymore.” Sehun left and his words hung onto the air heavily, making Luhan hard to breathe.


Luhan’s slow and heavy footsteps lead him back to the meadow. Its night again, and usually Sehun and him will come here to wind down and stargaze for a while.

The stars shone brightly on the dark night sky but it doesn’t lift up Luhan feelings.

Luhan doesn’t lie down on their usual spot because he’s avoiding to look at the stars tonight.

Have the stars changed its position? Luhan can’t lift up his head and he kept walking forward until he found a familiar person lying on the meadow.

He lied down beside Sehun who’s staring at Luhan all the time.

“Take a look for yourself, Luhan.” Sehun pointed at the stars briefly.

Luhan calmed himself down and look at the stars carefully.

“Hey, I think there are no changes though.” Luhan turned to find Sehun’s eyes staring back at his.

“There is, if you see it carefully. Look at the stars tonight, are they bright and beautiful?” Sehun asked.

Luhan nodded hesitantly and Sehun continues, “But this star,” He pointed at himself, “And this star,” He pointed at Luhan, “Isn’t shining as brightly as usual.”

Sehun stood up and brushed his pants before walking slowly back to his house.

Luhan looked back at the sky. Suddenly the stars don’t look so bright anymore without Sehun. He found the answer too, the stars really changed its position; one star is missing and that is the one that is beside him minutes ago.

a/n: also one of my past works and all-time favourites

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